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A Trip of a Lifetime

In Nov 2023, six SCCS educators attended the Inspire Study Tour in New Zealand, a professional development opportunity that deeply aligns with the values of SCCS.

New Zealand's early childhood education system has proven successful in building community, incorporating social justice practices, and committing to joyful work.

The study group took a deep dive into the Te Whariki ("woven mat" in Maori) curriculum. This approach to education is recognized internationally as an innovative curriculum that incorporates the important role of social and cultural learning and of relationships with people, places, and things.

SCCS educators also visited a variety of schools and participated in pedagogical discussions focusing on Reggio Emilio teaching, an approach that is central to the teaching of four SCCS programs. Our team of educators left inspired and reinvigorated to get back to their respective programs and to share their new knowledge with their staff and other SCCS programs!

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