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Thank You & Farewell Judy

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

It is with gratitude and sadness that we announce the retirement of Sound Child Care Solutions’ (SCCS) Executive Director (ED), Judy Summerfield. For six years, Judy has led SCCS’ growth and sustainability for continued future success. Prior to serving as ED, Judy was a member of the SCCS Board of Directors. During a significant period of organizational transition, the Board recognized Judy as an exceptional candidate for the permanent Executive Director role. Judy leaves SCCS in a strong position and we sincerely appreciate her guidance and leadership.

Judy Summerfield at the 2019 celebration of the Refugee & Immigrant Family Center's (RIFC) building purchase.

While it’s difficult to imagine SCCS without Judy at the helm, we are excited for SCCS’ next chapter, expanding our work to reduce the disparities we see in Kindergarten readiness and sustained academic achievement. The Board wishes Judy a well-deserved retirement and thanks Judy’s family, Jay and Amelia, for their support during these past six years. Over the next few months, we’re conducting a thorough search to find Sound Child Care Solutions’ next Executive Director. An interim ED will enable ample time for the completion of this process following Judy’s departure on October 31st, 2021. We’d be remiss if we didn’t thank Judy for extending her retirement date during the pandemic to ensure ongoing support for SCCS Center families and staff.

Despite a shift in leadership, Center Directors and staff will continue to be supported by an Interim ED, the Board of Directors, and the Central Office. Thank you Judy for your leadership, commitment to social justice, and your love of learning.

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