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Undoing Institutional Racism

On May 1st, 2023, SCCS hosted its 10th annual Undoing Institutional Racism Workshop & Training at the Mount Baker Community Club in Seattle. This all-staff, all-day training supports SCCS's anti-racist and anti-bias programming for more than 450 families. This year, we were honored to host Jerod Grant as our speaker and workshop facilitator.

With over 10 years of experience in higher education, Jerod is a skilled workshop facilitator and expert in matters of diversity, equity and inclusion. For six years, Jerod has worked at the Director of Diversity & Equity at Everett Community College.

SCCS helps each child develop to their full potential despite barriers of racism, income or life circumstance. All 10 of our Centers include culturally relevant environments where a child's heritage is clearly reflected and respected, Directors and teachers are reflective practitioners and understand their roles in mitigating the impact of racial trauma within their communities, and parents are engaged in their child's learning. The result is, children who know they are loved, celebrate their history and culture, and enter Kindergarten with a strong sense of self and a drive to engage and learn.

Sound Child Care Solutions (SCCS) is committed to cultivating and nurturing a diverse community of individuals that is dedicated to creating high quality, culturally relevant education. SCCS views diversity, equity, and inclusion as central to the well-being of our organization and key to the success of our mission. We know that a child’s positive identity is critical to healthy development, and inclusive working environments are supportive of an employee’s sense of belonging.

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