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Welcome to Dragon's Den

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Seattle is a city diverse in people, culture, language, and art. At Sound Child Care Solutions (SCCS), we embrace diversity in practice, program, and representation throughout our Centers.

If you're not familiar with the colorful work of Seattle based artist, Emanate, chances are you haven't been to Artspace Mt. Baker Lofts. One of three muralists involved in community engagement efforts in 2016 at the lofts, Emanate painted an eye-catching water buffalo outside of Hoa Mai Bilingual Preschool, a chapter of SCCS. Recently, Emanate, who also happens to be a former student parent, painted a large whimsical dragon at Dragon's Den, also a chapter of SCCS. This dragon now serves as the new logo for Dragon's Den!

Artwork by Emanate | Logo by Abhi Jeets

With a new look, Dragon's Den is preparing for its summer camps. The first day of camp begins July 1st, 2019 and children grades K-5th are eligible. At camp, children can look forward to outdoor exploration, trips to the Seattle Art Museum and Museum of Flight, opportunities to experience digital music, photography, and so much more. For enrollment information, please visit, and scroll down to "Enrollment Forms".

To learn more about Emanate, visit her website at,

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