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The Healing Project

In 2022, two SCCS chapters, the Refugee & Immigrant Family Center and Southwest Early Learning Bilingual Prechool, along with Childhaven (now Akin) and Child Care Resources (now Brightspark), launched a pilot workforce development training and consultation cohort model to provide critical support to early care and education providers.

Concluding this summer, this inaugural, federally funded program, integrates infant/early childhood mental health principles and an understanding of trauma-informed care (TIC) and social-emotional learning (SEL) into providers' work with young children and their families.

The Healing Project's Expected Outcomes

  1. Improve children's access to mental health principles, and TIC and healing by providing a diverse and equitable range of providers with linguistically appropriate training.

  2. Expand child care provider capacity through an investment in workforce preparation, development, and administrative supports.

  3. Increase child care provider expertise in TIC and healing, and second-hand trauma and toxic stress by equipping providers with specialized instruction, relevant screening tools, and mental health supports.

  4. Strengthen parent/child care provider and child relationships through the provision of culturally relevant tools and resources.

We look forward to sharing final grant results!

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